Saturday, March 14, 2020

Homosexuals and Their Struggle essays

Homosexuals and Their Struggle essays People who are different from the rest of the society always face with discrimination from the society. People from different races, different religions, and different cultural backgrounds always face with many difficulties within the society. In the book called Stonewall by Martin Duberman I learned many things about these people who were different and their problems with their gender, identity and society. They werent from different cultures or they didnt have different races but they had different choices then the rest of the society and they tried to protect their choices and rebel against the society. In this book we see the lives of 6 different homosexual people who face many problems within their identity, society and gender. Yvonne Flowers, Jim Fouratt, Foster Gunnison, Karla Jay, Sylvia Ray Rivera and Craig Rodwell, who are the characters of this book, are all homosexuals; therefore they face main difficulties while trying to understand their gender. All these people like people from the same gender and they all have behaviors like the opposite gender. Craig likes to wear make up, Yvonne is as tough as a man and she always acts like a man. All of the characters in the book are struggling a lot with their gender. When they are growing, they are not aware of which gender that they belong to and most of their first crushes are from the same sex and even if they are not, they realize how they prefer to have a relationship with people who belong to same sex. Craigs first crush, when he was seven, was an older boy named Bob Palmer. Bobs talented piano playing made him something of a school star and Craig just worshipped him. (Stonewall, 7) Craig having his first crush at age of 7 was not even aware that h is crush was towards the same sex and that wasnt something happening to people around him, he just accepted his gay identity without knowledge and considered it as somethi...

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